Gabe Johnson Takes Over Fat Boy vs the Cheerleaders
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Fat Boy vs. the Cheerleaders (hardcover)
ISBN 978-1402291418

Gabe Johnson Takes Over (paperback)
ISBN 978-1492608653

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It's geeks versus jocks in an epic battle of the beverages!

Here's a brand-new cast of quirky characters, pitting fat boy Gabe against the high school cheerleading team in a battle over control of the school's soda machine.

The war is ON! Never have the stakes been so high. Never have the trenches been so deep. Never has one soda vending machine been so vital. When the high school cheerleading team takes over the machine’s funds previously collected by the pep band, Gabe will not stand for it. Something must be done.

Title and Cover Change
Kelly and Kimberly wrote about the title and cover change from Fat Boy vs. the Cheerleaders (hardcover) to Gabe Johnson Takes Over (paperback) on their Stacked Books blog. Scroll down to the book covers for their take on the name change. Interesting stuff.

Awards and honors
ILA Readers' Choice

“Told in the first-person voice that Geoff Herbach does so well, Gabe Johnson’s account of his development of the ‘leadership bone’ is grand, touching and hilarious.”

“[A] funny, honest, and an utterly likable narrator; his character growth and the decisions he makes are believable and his refusal to be a victim is refreshing. Give to anyone who has felt like an outsider or just wants a fun, fast-paced book with depth.”
“With a spot-on ear for teen-boy vernacular, Herbach sets up Chunk’s confessional narrative by recounting his anger, frustration, criminal thoughts and tendencies, and arrest. It’s a stream-of-consciousness conversation that is simultaneously humorous and poignant. What could have been didactic on many levels, instead comes across as validation of the power of friends, family, and a few understanding, caring adults.”
“Framed as a transcript of events recounted by Gabe to his lawyer, Herbach's (Stupid Fast) novel realistically addresses the difficulty of making major life changes and the empowerment of not feeling the need to blend in.”
“The funny, profane text embraces the idea that nobody is perfect…Gabe’s character growth will satisfy any appetite." Kirkus also named Fat Boy one of its top ten teen reads for the summer.”
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