I'm With Stupd
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I'm With Stupd
Sourcebooks, ISBN 978-1402277917

Felton Reinstein has never been good with stress. Which is why he's
seriously freaking out. Announcing his college choice on national TV?
It's a heart attack waiting to happen. Deciding on a major for the
next four years of his life? Ridiculous! He barely even knows who he
is anymore without football. And so...he embarks on The Epic Quest to
Be Meaningful.

Which leads to:

1. Mentoring a freshman called Pig Boy.

2. The entire state of Wisconsin hating him.

3. His track coach suspending him.

4. The funniest viral video the world has ever seen.

5. A whole new appreciation for his family, his friends and what's really important in life.

“Herbach has created a modern—day Hamlet who searches for redemption and peace as he struggles with guilt, rage, and the mental and emotional breakdowns emanating from that long– ago suicide. In a surprisingly hilarious first—person narrative, Felton provides an original voice as he approaches manhood—a selection that boys will relish.”
“Identifying with Shakespeare's Hamlet, Felton struggles with his own royal role as sports hero and his father's legacy as angry suicide ...Herbach's character will continue to resonate with readers. The scenes of college coaches wooing Felton are spectacularly drawn, and his ultimate decisions about his 'mortal coil' are anything but facile. Will Herbach follow his hero to Stanford? We can hope.”
“As in Sherman Alexie's The Absolutely True Story of a Part–Time Indian, Felton's family problems and personal anxieties are deeply felt but leavened considerably by his wry, self-deprecating narration.”
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