Nothing Special
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Nothing Special
ISBN: 978-1402265075

Nothing Special is the follow-up to Stupid Fast. It’s next year and Felton is as big and bad as everyone thought he’d be. Unfortunately, he’s still a little kid on the inside. He’s a jerk to his pal, Gus. His little brother, Andrew, struggles mightily without Felton’s help. Really, Felton’s got the curse of the monkey, real bad. He can’t see beyond his own tiny little problems. But if he doesn’t clean up his act, he’ll lose Gus. He’ll lose Aleah. And, honestly, he may already have lost Andrew who says he’s going to orchestra camp, but never shows up. Ride with Felton as he tries to get his head out of his rear. Ride with him as he tracks his little brother to the dangling sack of America (Florida).

Junior Library Guild selection for 2012
2013 Minnesota Book Award for Young Adult Literature

“The look inside Felton’s head as he makes inroads in his family relationships is both funny and genuine.”
“Felton is genuine, self-reflective and charming in his honesty, even when he is being a narcissistic gorilla. His tender heart and great juvenile sense of humor repeatedly left me in tears and giggle fits.”
“This is definitely a smart guy book—a book for smart guys, who definitely love a good chuckle.”
“I really, really liked how this story was written. The whole idea of this story being one huge letter from Felton to Aleah was really cool. And with the book being written from Felton’s point of view it really creates this awesome reading experience.”
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